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NFT Creator Interview: ClyptoTags

Crypto NFT cow want to be with you.
Hello ClyptoTags!
  1. How many you plan to mint and how have already released? It’s interesting how the rarity of tags is changing from one to another!

We will release 1000 items numbered from 0 to 999, with ramped pricing from .001 ETH to .999 ETH.

Importantly our properties include Color (Standard, Fusion, Extreme, and Monochromatic), Type (Lamb, Pig, Cow, Goat, Chicken), and Tag (Black, Gold, Silver, and Monochromatic). The Fusion color is the most common and Extreme is the rarest. Although some combinations of properties are also rare, for instance. As an example, a Monochromatic Cow with a Gold tag will differ from a Monochromatic Pig with a Monochromatic tag. These are the types of nuances our collectors will enjoy discovering on their own. Keep your eyes open for some rarer tags that might not be listed here!

In brief, As a feature, we would gift each item ending in 00 to someone who has been helpful on our journey. We may be gifting some others as well! Each item ending in a single 0 will be claimable for 0 ETH. We wanted to do something interesting with the pricing as it is difficult to stand out in the NFT space with so many exciting projects.

  1. Tell us something about your team. What inspired you to create this NFT project?

We entered the space with a lot of enthusiasm and interest as we saw tons of cool projects taking off. We wanted to give it a shot and took notes from a lot of other artists and creators. After we found that the motif-based series was popular and seemed to be cultivating a sense of community, we decided to develop our own.

Further growing up in the Midwest we spent a lot of time around farms and farm animals. So farm animals are tagged for identification and while we didn’t make each tag unique, we did want to include the tag concept and make it part of the motif. However animals move between farms in meatspace, there is a legal requirement to tag them with an identifier. This led us to our name. We wanted to highlight the tag clipping, while also giving a nod to crypto, so we swapped out crypto for clypto and then added tags.

We’ve gone all over the globe zapping up tons of animals and the time has come to sell them back so we can get better parts for our ship. Our animals don’t look typical. Whether that’s from all the experiments, them getting into our food, or spending time in the light beam. The few that appear standard seemed too beautiful to touch! So we left those as is.

It’s all about identity
  1. Can you share any technical details about how you created the images or went through the minting process? If there are any open-source links, please share them as well.

Firstly hand-developing silhouettes that would exist in our collection, each one is hand-crafted in Adobe Illustrator and then hand-minted on OpenSea. As you can imagine, this process is extremely laborious and time-consuming. Moreover, it’s been (and will continue to be) a grind but it’s really rewarding to see all of our ClyptoTags leave the ship and enter the marketplace.

Here is our Twitter and OpenSea!

  1. What is your favorite NFT project outside of your own?

Bit Birds: the community around this project is great. I was happy to find this project early and was fortunate enough to speak with the creator about his process. Also, he helped me validate some of my experience from playing with the minting tools and provided great guidance as we got our project off the ground. As a result, I really enjoy spending time in the Bit Birds discord and have had a lot of fun interactions there.

NBA Top Shot: this project has an incredible layer over the underlying technology. Users do not have to interact with cryptocurrency whatsoever to acquire Top Shots and the pack opening experience adds a really fun element. We’re now seeing some other projects like Pixls where you buy in without necessarily knowing which NFT you will receive. The mystery and suspense make the project fun.

  1. What is a question you want to see answered from other NFT creators?

“Do you consider a background story? How do you determine what type of art to create? Automating art creation is certainly possible, has anyone found a way to automate minting and listing?”

Check and buy ClyptoTags here!