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Meet BitBirds, the open-source NFT project that inspired 16+ NFT creators

  1. How many BitBirds have already been released, and how many are planned?

Have already minted 1500 total. The full collection has been minted and there won’t be any more added in the future.

  1. What inspired you to create this project? What should people call you?

I wanted to learn some more about python and the NFT space, and have a real pet bird with a ton of character! Although Dabiri is a good pseudonym for me, you can also call me @NFTbirds.

  1. Can you share any technical details about how you created the images or went through the minting process?

Yeap, I open-sourced the code, there is also a link in the readme to a YouTube overview of how it all works

  1. What is your favorite NFT project outside of your own?

CryptoKitties was my first NFT in 2017 and has a special place in my heart.

Hashmasks more recently. I don’t have any CryptoPunks but envy them from afar.

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