Get started in Aavegotchi without paying Ethereum gas fees

  1. Use the Dharma app (referral link here) to purchase some USDC on the Polygon network. You will probably want at least $500 USDC to get into Aaveogotchi. Dharma is a centralized exchange app similar to Coinbase or Gemini and it requires KYC and has a 5 day waiting period from purchasing crypto to sending it. As of today, Dharma app allows purchasing of crypto from either ETH Mainnet or Polygon network. Make sure you are purchasing via Polygon network if you want to avoid paying Ethereum mainnet gas fees. The entire aaveogtchi game is on the polygon network.
  2. Use the dharma app to purchase 5 MATIC on polygon. This will be needed to pay for future transaction fees.
  3. Setup a Metamask plugin in your web browser and store your seed phrase (the 12 words) in a very secure place, ideally on a piece of paper in a safe, or encrypted somewhere. You both don’t want to lose it, and don’t want someone to be able to find your seed phrase.
  4. Aaveogtchi is played on the polygon network, and by default, Metamask does not have the polygon network added to it. To add the polygon network to metamask follow these instructions.
  5. In metamask click on the “Account 1” link to copy your public wallet address to your clipboard. Your public wallet address is the same regardless of if you are ETH mainnet or Polygon.
  6. In the Dharma app, send your polygon USDC and 5 MATIC tokens to your public wallet address on polygon (from previous step).
  7. Once your funds are received, using your browser with metamask plugin, visit the quickswap exchange to swap some of your USDC for the GHST token (which is Aavegotchi’s currency).
  8. Once you have GHST token you can either:
    • A) Stake your GHST token on the aavegotchi staking page to start earnings free FRENS, the currency used to enter raffles. You can unstake the GHST token at any time, or swap if back for USDC if you decide you don’t want to play anymore.
    • B) Visit the Aavegotchi baazaar, and look at one of the cheapest gotchis to purchase (430 GHST is the cheapest as of writing).
  9. Start following Aavegotchi on Twitter and Discord to look out for the latest developments.